Monday, 9 April 2012

Music and Lights

In a further attempt to cheer us up as the rain pisses down on another Bank Holiday, it's time again for another selection of newer choons I have picked up on lately...

Let's open with the return of an old favourite. Produced by Calvin Harris, it's the Scissor Sisters' new single, Only The Horses (released on 16th April from the album Magic Hour, due in May). This will probably take a few more listens before it can in any way compare to their brilliant back catalogue, but it is rather catchy - at least it's better than their last effort, Shady Love (which I really did not like!). See what you think:

Speaking of blasts from the past, who remembers Martika? Yes indeed, the Toy Soldier popstress has broken her twenty year silence with a corker of a comeback! Looking rather fab for a woman of almost 43, here's the dance-tastic Flow With The Go (from her forthcoming album Mirror Ball):

It seems hardly a week goes by without another 80s-influenced floppy-haired electro duo arriving on the scene - and here for your delectation are Tenerife's finest Glasherz with one track called Cellophane Sea from their forthcoming album. Shades of Ultravox and The Hurts here, methinks - and no bad thing for that:

Possibly the only Estonian act I have ever featured, here's the exotic creature known as Kerli - with a hundred costume changes in one video - and her rather addictive Zero Gravity:

Mr Martin Solveig's fave band (before he went off to do the bidding of Queen Madge) Dragonette also have a new single out. The original is OK, but the remix of Let it Go by Laidback Luke is simply phantasmagorical!

And to close, here's a boppy Garage-influenced little number from the Welsh artist known as Bright Light Bright Light (whose Disco Moment I raved about last July) - it's his catchy new single Waiting for the Feeling:

As ever, enjoy - and I look forward to hearing your views!

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  1. I am not really a fan an of any of these acts I must say. I have given Kerli several changes to impress me, but I have decided that I just dont like her. Scissor Sister, well - while they have released a couple of tracks I liked (mostly from their last album), I am still not even close to being a fan.

    However, I had heard about the Martika comeback but didnt know that she had released a video! Fantastic - good to have her back. I own both her previous albums, and while I cant say I love them, there were some good tracks there ("Love Thy Will Be Done", written by Prince, is still utterly brilliant!). And despite it has been 20 years since she released a solo album, she still seems to have some followers. Hopefully the album will be as exciting as it´s title!


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