Sunday, 14 July 2013

Corne d'abondance

Today is a special one for our Froggie chums - their National Day Le quatorze juillet, or Bastille Day, when the French celebrate all things garlicky, cheesy and wine-y.

Or something.

To mark this auspicious day, I'm feeling like a bit of a bop, so here are a couple of our own upbeat French favourites at Dolores Delargo Towers...

First up, the Gallic answer to Miss Minoque - Dannii, not Kylie - it's the very lovely, and very gay-friendly Mademoiselle Ysa Ferrer. She's a Pom-Pom Girl!

Continuing the particularly French way with starting names with a "Y", here's Yelle and the marvellous A Cause Des Garcons:

And finally, here introduced by Lady Penelope, is the kitsch-tastic Sheila and Black Devotion with a number that probably I would normally feature in my "Thank Disco It's Friday" slot - Love Me Baby:

Vive la folie!

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  1. there's a chain of restaurants here, "salut" (french style cuisine, whatever) & one of their logos is a frog in a beret. this seems odd to me.

    1. At least some French people feel OK taking the piss out of themselves... Jx

  2. a Fab collection of videos for Bastille Day
    Loved the Ysa Ferrer.

    1. Ysa - the most underrated of Frogs... Jx

  3. I love that Sheila song - although not a much as "Spacer".

    1. I do agree - nothing can quite beat Spacer:

      "In his own special way, he is gentle and gay"...



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