Tuesday, 7 April 2015

There's the dance floor, get on it

After ten lovely days off, it's back to work time. Bollocks.

Never mind, it pays the bills.

Let us take a little trip in the time machine once again, shall we, to wake ourselves up? Crashing into the UK charts with a vengeance in this week twenty-five years ago was the "New-Beat" sound of Technotronic featuring MC Eric and This Beat Is Technotronic - it doesn't get much dancier than this...

Technotronic on Wikipedia


  1. 1990 being 25 years ago makes me feel so old - Vogue was around April 1990 too - where has the time gone … x

    1. Indeed, where has it gone? In the words of the song that topped the tree this week in 1990:

      "It's getting', it's getting', it's gettin' kinda hectic"


  2. Haven't heard this in a while - they had some good tracks, but Pump Up The Jam remains my fave... However, 25 years?

    1. Pump Up The Jam is my fave too - but when I discovered it was a quarter of a century since this one, I just had to play it. Scary! Jx


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