Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How can I forget the hours

How life should be

Having had a hectic day - a long meeting in nearby Hackney, which took inordinately longer than necessary due to the vagaries of public transport in and around that bit of London, then to the joys of our local "Wood Green Shopping City" [it rhymes with...] to replace our favourite garden solar-powered "disco" lights that suddenly gave up the ghost despite all the brilliant sunshine we've (intermittently) had over the past several weeks, then some more humping'n'shifting in the garden - it's no wonder I'm weary and in need of some calming music...

What better than the combination of today's centenarian the lovely Miss Helen Forrest, together with her favourite bandleader accompanist Harry James? And all in glittering Technicolor, too!

Oh, that's the equivalent of a lovely soak in a hot bubble bath. Sigh...

Helen Forrest (12th April 1917 – 11th July 1999) - see my blog about her on the occasion of her last birthday


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