Saturday, 25 August 2018

I really tried to make it out; I wish I understood

Campness abounds!

The world's music gossip meejah is a-buzz with the impending release of Cher's album of ABBA covers - and, of course, the gayest DJs are already swarming all over every leaked track, with mash-ups galore.

Thanks to dear John-John (ABBA-fanatic extraordinaire), here's the latest - Cher versus ABBA and S.O.S.:

...and here's another one from a few weeks ago, as one Queen of Pop meets another:



  1. Faboo, indeed! However, the best thing about all this is The Atlantic's use of "cyborgification" to describe Cher's meddling!

    1. Ever since British producer Mark Taylor first twiddled his knob and came up with that autotune effect on Believe, everything Miss Sarkisian has done sounds vaguely robotic... Jx


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