Wednesday, 8 August 2018

While you were away...

We had a fabulous five days in Amsterdam, and we are still recovering after the hectic Gay Pride partying - but what did we miss while we were away?

Not a lot, truth be told.

It's no great surprise - since we experienced extremely hot and sweaty temperatures in the 'Dam - that the rest of Europe has also been experiencing continuing heatwave conditions, not least the overheating rivers of Switzerland, pugs getting heatstroke, bananas ripening in Nottingham, and a shortage of fans across the UK; we also missed Boris Johnson's much-criticised opinion on burkas and the furore it has caused among the liberal elite; we (of course) ignored the latest ranting Tw*tter tirades of Trump against China and Iran; and we missed the announcement of the the death of stalwart of 80s-90s children's TV in the UK Barry Chuckle [I always found the Chuckle Brothers disturbingly creepy, but hey ho].

We missed the 118th anniversary of the birth of HM The Queen Mother, what would have been the 90th birthday of Andy Warhol, and the 80th birthday of national treasure Sir Terry Wogan; as well as the birthdays of some living legends, such as the last of the crooners Tony Bennett (92), Dame Barbara Windsor (81), our Patron Saint of Copla Andaluza Isabel Pantoja (62) and Geri Halliwell (now Horner, 46)...

...and speaking of La Pantoja:

As the Dutch might say, Lekker!


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