Monday, 28 November 2016

Things that you are into

The 55th birthday today of singer Patty Zomer (who? I hear you ask) gives me a perfect excuse to feature a really cheesy number on this Tacky Music Monday.

Here, to cheer us up as we face the prospect of yet another week of toil, is the lady herself with her band - none other than Holland's (ahem) finest, the Dolly Dots!

If Legs & Co and Bucks Fizz had ever had progeny, this inevitably would have been the result...

Not exactly the Spice Girls.

Have a great week, dahlings!


  1. Your ability to lighten a Monday with such tasteless offerings never ceases to amaze me - thank you 😂😂

  2. When your only goal is to be a cheap knockoff of ABBA and you and you can't even cut that, it's hard world.

    1. As well as selling bucketloads in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe, they were very big in Japan. 'Nuff said, really. Jx


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