Sunday 7 February 2010

"I am a marvellous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house."

"How many husbands have you had, Miss Gabor?"
"Do you mean my own, or other peoples, daaaarlink?"

It is (remarkably) the 93rd birthday of that Queen of Z-list celebrity, Zsa Zsa Gabor!

The original (and best) of those ladies who are "famous-for-being-famous", Miss Gabor and her sisters Magda and Eva arrived in the USA in 1941 as exotic Hungarian refugees, and hit the highest of high society with a bang! Within a very short time, Zsa Zsa had bagged herself a multi-millionaire husband in none other than Conrad Hilton (yes indeed, Paris's great-granddaddy!) - the second of nine husbands in her life, including the wonderful actor George Sanders and her current hubby (and millionaire) Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt. With this impeccable start, it was obvious that miles and miles of gossip columns would thenceforth be devoted to the great socialite over the next seventy years.

Despite appearing in numerous movies ranging from the memorable original Moulin Rouge and the not-so-memorable Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie, it is for merely being Zsa Zsa (daaaaarlink!) that she is most revered. Happy birthday to a very lucky lady indeed...

Here is the trailer for probably Miss Gabor's finest screen moment - the incredibly camp Queen of Outer Space:

And here is the lady herself, sharing her tips for health and fitness - and you'd better listen!

Zsa Zsa Gabor biography

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