Monday 15 February 2010

They were meant to be superstars

It is another Tacky Music Monday (and the last before our holiday this weekend in Spain this weekend). However, it is not to Spain that we turn for a change, but to Sweden, where Chanelle, Claudia and Neena caused havoc (for some reason) with their attempt at representing their country at Eurovision.

According to their own website:
"The dynamic trio met at a party at the Rectum Club [sic] in Munich and then stayed close friends. When they were offered to perform Trendy Discotheque it all became obvious for them, they suddenly had a purpose in life, they were meant to be superstars. But today there is no longer any doubt; Pay-TV are back and they will be as big as Madonna and The Sex Pistols, as Britney Spears and Kraftwerk, Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi - all at once."
Can't understand it, myself.

What will sell...

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