Thursday 18 February 2010


As we reach the almost final countdown to our holiday, it is worth focusing on one of the more controversial cultural traditions in Spain - the bullfight. Barbaric, brutal and incomprehensible it may be, but it has a stylistic and very sexy association - the Matador, of course!

With its bulls, balls and braid, the cult of the Matador has certainly inspired some interesting musical tributes too..

Here's the wonderful Eleanor Powell with her own inimitable tap-dance take on the art of the Torero:

Here's one I have probably posted before, but it is fabulous (Fabulosos Cadillacs, in fact)!

Not quite so fabulous, but here's Japanese boyband "News" (who seem to have 126 members) with their catchy little tribute:

Then there is this infectious dance number by another group no-one's heard of, Kasenetz & Katz Allstars [sic]:

To finish, I just had to post this fantabulosa number from Victor Victoria, featuring the eternally-missed genius Robert Preston:

Vamos a estar de vacaciones en breve...

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