Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Feel united, oh oh oh

Timeslip moment again...

A decade ago, the UK charts were showing signs of the malaise that affects them to this day - a preponderance of dreadful "urban" music and telly-talent-show-led ephemera, driven by the rise of the download, was making the weekly countdown a pain rather than a pleasure. Dance music, influenced by this "goldfish-memory" trend, was in the throes of the awful "let's take an old AOR track and add a cranky beat to it" fashion.

Thank heavens for the quirky Danes Junior Senior (and whatever happened to them?) and this one. Move Your Feet, if you please!

Junior Senior


  1. I got this, still on CD singles in 2003, I didn't start downloading until 2006… x

    1. Some of us are still clinging to vinyl, dear... Jx


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