Thursday, 7 March 2013

Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat

I haven't been so excited since OK magazine published those hilarious photos of Liza's ill-fated wedding, or the day I met Fenella Fielding!


Because none other than the gravel-voiced Gaynor Hopkins from Skewen in Neath - better known to the world as Miss Bonnie Tyler - has been selected to represent the UK in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, that's why!

Just hearing her magnificent 40-fags-a-day vocal chords brings back a whole host of memories, not least the superb world-beating choreographed "Big Dance" at the Pride festival in Trafalgar Square back in 2010...

We wuz there... and we did this!

And here is the lady herself, in the "literal interpretation" video of another of her classic belters, from 30 years ago this week, Total Eclipse of the Heart. This never fails to make me laugh:

We're starting our chant from this moment on: "Bonnie! Bonnie! Bonnie! Oy! Oy! Oy!"

I need a lie down...

Bonnie Tyler official website


  1. Have you heard the song?

    It's inoffensive album track to these ears …


    1. Just listened to it. Stuart Heritage in The Guardian uncharitably said it "sounds distressingly like Natalie Imbruglia's eighth-favourite B-side", but I think it's OK.

      It won't win, mind... Jx

  2. Bydd yn fab!

    Ond yr wyf yn cytuno na fydd yn ennill!


    1. Mae fy hofrenfad yn llawn llyswennod.

      That means "My hovercraft is full of eels", apparently.

      I don't speak Welsh, dear...


  3. I do like Bonnie and I am looking forward to her performance. Haven't heard the song yet but I am sure it sounds nothing like what Germany (Bonnie's biggest market in the past 20 years) is sending! And I'm pretty sure it's no "Holding Out For A Hero". But I am still looking forward to the song.

    Her voice however sounds like she's up to 80 fags a day, judging by some of the more recent live clips I have seen from her.

    1. It's no classic, but it is just great to know old "Marlboro-throat" is back"! Jx

  4. Heard the song yesterday and I must admit I quite like it! Go Bonnie go!

    1. "Bonnie! Bonnie! Bonnie! Oy! Oy! Oy!" Jx


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