Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Grachten, cocktails, broodje and Angela Lansbury

We had a fab time in Amsterdam!

We toured the grachten...

We drank...

We sang...

We did the infamous "Kylie Wave" to All The Lovers...

We ate (mainly broodje, with the occasional pannenkoek)...

And drank...

We paid tribute to Angela Lansbury (we all wore badges with "I am Angela Lansbury" on them - it's an in-joke amongst our gang)...

...and to Tante Leen...

And drank some more...

Thanks to Madame Arcati (Tony), Hils, Crog, Baby Steve, Alex, TJ, John-John, Russ, Joe, Paul, Jim, Ange, Alistair, Mark, Johnno and Ramon [and to the hosts at the Golden Bear Hotel, Café Rouge, De Spyker, Café Americain, Café t'Mandtje, de Engel van Amsterdam, Café De Barderij, Café René and the Queen's Head - plus, of course, to all the splendid men of the Thermos Sauna] for making it all so very, very memorable indeed...

In all, the absolute best way I could possibly have spent my 50th birthday!


  1. What fun! And at the Barderij, in part, to boot - one of our very favorite places to go. Is dear Peter the dishy bartender still around?

    1. Wherever we went, the barmen were dishy... Jx

  2. A fab and fitting trip to mark your 50th indeed, lets do all again next week.

  3. Kylie wave, drinks and Angela Lansbury badges? Sounds like a massive treat :)

    Glad you had a great time sweetie and again, happy birthday! (Are you SURE it's your 50th? You look so much younger...)

    1. Darling, we had an absolute blast! Campness abounded...


      PS I have a picture of Angela Lansbury in the attic that's getting older and older :-)

  4. Looks like you had a grand time. You deserve nothing less!

  5. Replies
    1. Ta, pet. Shame you couldn't make it... Jx

  6. Happy birthday darling. A fab blog for a wonderful weekend - I'm still recovering! So glad you liked the badges sweetie, we'll have to bring them all out again next year! Ttfn Hils x

  7. Fantabulosa weekend. Loved it! We MUST do it again sometime ;-)


    1. I am determined it will, sooner rather than later... Jx


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