Friday, 2 August 2013

The scandalous Senorita Pantoja

We continue today's sojourn to Spain (I wish), as another Hispanic diva - one of our most cherished here at Dolores Delargo Towers - also celebrates her birthday today!

Miss Isabel Pantoja - whose melodramatic life took an even more dramatic turn earlier this year when she was sentenced to two years' imprisonment for her part in the Marbella money laundering scandal that involved her ex-boyfriend (former Mayor of said city), his ex-wife and his brother. The sentence (as is the wont in Spanish law) was suspended due to it being her first conviction.

Thank heavens for that! Two years without La Pantoja's trademark histrionics would be unthinkable. Here she is with one of her more cheesy numbers (which in other circumstances might easily have passed muster on a Tacky Music Monday) - replete with twinkling lights, excessive décolletage, twirling maidens and safety maricons - it's Yemanyá:

Isabel Pantoja (born 2nd August 1956)

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