Tuesday, 17 February 2015

We didn't own her

"I think the record industry, by and large what's left of it, is still totally homophobic. I think it's much less so in the film industry now, but the record industry, it's always been a man's world."

"I didn't disappear; I started writing songs and worked behind the scenes."

"I just kind of lived my life naturally and did what I wanted to do."

"I think that in many ways, gays are behind women and behind blacks, as far as rights go. But I always say, if you know one of us, it's hard to hate us."

Lesley Gore, archetypal 60s "girl singer" and latterly an out-and-proud lady lesbian and campaigner, has died. She really cornered the market in "teen-angst" songs in her day - not least the marvellous You Don't Own Me. At least now we know what she was really singing about. It wasn't boys...

RIP Lesley Sue Gore (née Goldstein, 2nd May 1946 – 16th February 2015)


  1. It's no wonder she wanted to cry at her party, lesbians can be so possessive.

  2. Strange I just found myself crying over that, though I don't own any of her music. (I am pregnant so have an excuse) I've got Dusty's version of that song. I admire her a lot as a feminist and a gay rights campaigner. I think that song did a lot of good for people. There hadn't been anything like it before in mainstream music.

    1. "I'm free and I love to be free
      To live my life the way I want
      To say and do whatever I please"

      Wise words.


  3. This one hurts!
    I didn't even know she was sick. :(
    God bless her.
    I love her.

  4. Replies
    1. It was always a fave, even before "First Wives' Club"... Jx


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