Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The return...

We're back from Sitges and Barcelona, tired but happy...

After a whirlwind five days of booze, beach and boy-watching, cultural extravaganza and kitsch, Tinto de verano and Tapa Tapa with old friends and new - in the most brilliant weather imaginable till the last day - what have we missed?

British weather? - mostly disgusting by the sound of it, and the state of some of our battered seedlings would indicate there were hailstorms at Dolores Delargo Towers... Such a shame we were sat on a beach in 30C heat with drinks in our hands.

News? - not much changes: Middle-East meltdown, natural disaster in Nepal and political boredom in the UK. Things best forgotten for a few days, methinks.

We were away for the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHo) - but were very pleased to note Sitges (Spain's gayest resort) did mark it with a reading of the international manifesto and the planting of flowers at their own "Homomonument".

We missed marking the 60th birthdays (gulp!) of Hazel O'Connor and gymnast Olga Korbut, and the 55th birthday of 90s legend Yazz. We missed the announcement that the headline act at this autumn's Proms in the Park is none other than (what remains of) The Jacksons. The Eurovision Song Contest looms large (and we will begin preparations for our annual party over the next few days), but I always steadfastly avoid listening to almost any of the song entries until the night itself; that's a joy(!) I like to save up for when it comes to the scoring...

As for what new little (musical) prezzies we've brought back, it's not a lot - one of the bars ("El Horno") specialised in 80s Hi-NRG, and another regular "Casablanca" had the campest old musical repertoire. One would never expect an entire hour of Miss Dorothy Squires anywhere else! But one song - albeit not in the least Spanish; the singers are Romanian and the theme is about an Italian - did pique my interest a little as we sipped our vino. Here's Elena...

Shame to be back so soon, but at least we have a brilliant tan while the Brits are still wrapped up in windcheaters :-)


  1. you make me remember my time in sitges. it was in spring also.

  2. Loved Sitges and Barcelona.
    Such a fab holiday

    1. We couldn't have asked for better! Jx


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