Sunday, 9 August 2015

Long and hot would be nice

My week's leave has started excellently, I would say - yesterday Hils, History Boy and I went on a guided tour around London's historic Charter House, followed by a not-so-guided tour of the pubs of Clerkenwell. Today, the sun is blazing, and the forecast for my birthday tomorrow is also excellent.

The sheer novelty of a hot day in the UK always brings back happy memories of the long, hot summer of 1976 - so, here, for your delectation is one of the greatest hits of that memorable year...

Entering the UK chart this very week thirty-nine years ago, here's Mr Bryan Ferry (not even breaking into a sweat, even in searing temperatures - ably assisted in the video by his then-girlfriend, the pouting Jerry Hall) and The Price Of Love:

I could do with an ice cold cocktail now... Or maybe a Mivvi!


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