Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My mouth can't hide what's deep down inside

Timeslip moment again...

Our DeLorean has crashed to earth this week twenty years ago to 1995 - when excitement was mounting about the imminent release of Windows 95, Croatia was celebrating its victory in the war of independence from the former Yugoslavia, ill-fated cable channel L!VE TV (with its infamous "News Bunny", "Topless Darts" and "Lunchbox Volleyball") was launched, the tabloids went crazy over the supposed "battle of the bands" between Oasis and Blur with their competing singles released on the same day, Babe, Waterworld and Mortal Kombat were on our cinema screens, and this faboo dance number was the highest new entry in the UK charts!

Wouldn't it be lovely to be in '90s Ibiza (or any Spanish resort, at any time, given our miserable summer this year) with this one playing?

I smell dry ice...


  1. Those padded shoulders! How did he walk with them?

  2. Fab then and fab now.
    I can smell the poppers


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