Sunday, 25 June 2017

Glory and Cloggz

Ipomoea purpurea (Morning Glory) "Kniola's Black" in the Gardens here at Dolores Delargo Towers

It's not often that we say "I wish it would rain" here in the UK. But when the skies are so grey and the air is so humid (despite the wind), it really could do with a bloody good thunderstorm to clear the air... Despite everything, I still managed to enjoy a good old potter in the garden today - planting a few climbers for the fence and on one of our two "obelisks" in the main beds.

On the other, the faboo Morning Glory above has already taken hold with a vengeance, and we have another half-dozen seedlings to go in to accompany it - utterly beautiful (even if, as its name implies, it only puts on this stunning show in the morning, and the flowers are closed and gone by noon)!

As ever, my soundtrack all day has been Radio 2 - mainly 80s throwbacks and, of course, easy listening. Like this lot!

Here's a double bill from The Cloggz:

Love 'em!


  1. I try and try and try to grow morning glories, but they refuse to co-operate. Which makes seeing them growing on everywhere else so maddening.

    1. They like their roots in the shade and their heads in the sun - and flower better if they are not fed, apparently... Jx


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