Friday, 30 June 2017

Work it if you got the nerve

"It wasn’t just an attack on the LGBTQ community, but on one of its sacred spaces: the dance floor."

Thus, just over a year on from the horrors vested on the gay community in Orlando, none other than the Scissor Sisters have been tempted out of their own self-declared "hiaitus" to raise some money for the Contigo Fund that was set up in the wake of the murders.

In conjunction with a singer calling herself "MNDR", here is the result...

On this last weekend before Gay Xmas (aka Gay Pride in London) - let us SWERLK!!

And - just in case you needed some help in the partying stakes - here's an instructional video:

Thank Disco It's Friday!

To donate to this good cause, visit

...and have a great weekend!

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