Monday, 31 July 2017

Monday drain

Oh, Mondays...

Today, not only do I have to get up for work but I also have to come back and sit all afternoon waiting for a contractor to come and unblock our drain outside the back door.

It's a glamorous life.

Hey ho, on this Tacky Music Monday, let's venture over to Bollywoodland for an appropriately diverting number!

Fingers crossed a) the workman's gorgeous; and b) he clears it all up successfully and quickly.

I feel like going out for a curry...


  1. "he clears it all up successfully and quickly. " Is that including your drain to dear?

    I must say the smartest thins I did was take all summer off before job searching. It has been glorious and much needed.

    1. The workman wasn't gorgeous. He was more "that might do in a famine". However, he did have massive equipment... Jx

      PS a summer off would be just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Oh I did enjoy that but there were a few times it looked like they were miming to a sound track.
    even so ' eat your hart out Flick Colby!

    1. Hey, that's Bollywood for you - never let miming spoil the illusion! Jx

      PS If it were Flick Colby, there's be more finger-wagging. And baby-doll nighties.

  3. I thought I'd see you at Polari on Monday … apart from those involved the only people I knew on Monday night were Emma & Toby x


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