Saturday, 17 December 2011

Another dose of muzak...

This week, it hasn't just rained (literally) but it's poured - not only did the fearsome virus attack almost leave us stranded without a PC but today (yet again) Virgin Media left us without the interwebs for hours...

Still, better late than never - here's the latest selection of more recent choons I have selected for your delectation, dear reader.

Launching the selection in style is yet another Ukrainian wannabee diva - Kamaliya, with an incredibly OTT camp video for her new single (her first in English, apparently) Crazy in My Heart. Mike over at Pop Trash Addicts loves it, and I love it too...

This month we welcome back that house favourite eccentric Miss Róisín Murphy, who seems to be heading for the dancefloors with her latest single Simulation (which is a collaboration with a mystery producer from the north of England, apparently - whoever that might be):

Speaking of welcome returns to eccentric artists, we haven't heard from the completely bonkers Mr Patrick Wolf for a while! And here he is, in fine Gothic form, with his latest - Together:

Back to the dancefloors - well, perhaps not to a "Ritzy" near you - here's a rather fab collaboration between the Swedish DJ Adrian Lux and UK electro-indie types The Good Natured. They're Alive:

On a bit more of a retro 80s kick is Charli XCX with the rather atmospheric Nuclear Seasons:

And finally, rapidly becoming a bit of a favourite here at Dolores Delargo Towers are the magnificently camp Azari & III, here with their brilliant Reckless With Your Love:

As ever, enjoy!

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  1. It has been ages since I posted one of those over at my blog. But I can assure you that I had both Kamaliya and Patrick Wolf lined up for the next one.

    I look forward to listen to the rest of the tracks when I have the time (especially the one from Roisin!)


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