Wednesday, 15 February 2012


It's that time again, when I feel the need to share some of the newer music that I have picked up on recently...

What self-respecting son would take his elderly mum to a gay strip joint and get her pissed? Well, in the case of the lovely Zeus (who I featured a few weeks ago before this video was released), when your mother is the gloriously camp diva Sara Montiel, you dare not refuse! If she wants to, she will Sex Dance, and no-one can stop her:

Our favourite Madge impersonator Charlie Hides aka Kandi Kane Baxter has inevitably released his "tribute" to Gimme All Your Luvin':

Time for some Disco madness, as the Noo Yawk collective calling themselves the Phenomenal Handclap Band take a time machine right back to 1978 with their spookily authentic-sounding The Right One:

Closer to home (Manchester actually), here's the very weird We Have Band and their atmospheric Where Are Your People? (with a distinct nod to Tears for Fears methinks):

Brightening up our soundscape as only she can, the marvellous Miss Gloria Estefan has another new single out - and this time she not only has taken a new approach by pastiching a 1920s sound (a la We No Speak Americano), but the video also pays a majorly camp tribute to movies beloved of us gayers like Rocky Horror, The Birdcage, Some Like It Hot and many more... Hotel Nacional is just brilliant!

We can never have enough of the fabulosa Amanda Lear in our lives - and here (at last) is the official video for her most recent delight - La Belle et la Bete (thanks, Henry!). And she looks just fab for a woman in her 60s (or 70s, no-one is quite sure):

And finally, house favourite "Ho" here at Dolores Delargo Towers, Mr Johnny McGovern aka Gay Pimp has a new album out - subtly called The Gayest Of All Time. And from it, a song that tells the story of an affliction that we, dear readers, have all suffered at one time or another - we've been Dickmatized! [The video is NSFW, so exercise caution]:

As always, enjoy!


  1. The Gloria Estefan song and video is brilliant

    better late than never,


  2. And still the first to comment, dear... I love it too! Jx


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