Monday, 7 May 2012

Je Survivrai

Its a Bank Holiday, but it's still Tacky Music Monday pour moi!

And despite being busy today cleaning the inch of nicotine off our windows in preparation for some semblance of Spring sunshine (we live in hope), I have still found time to find a little suitable music to make the day seem better!

Here's one of our favourite entertainers, the Gallic icon (and "Patron saint" here at Dolores Delargo Towers) Régine - society hostess extraordinaire, singer, bon vivant and inventor (in 1957) of the modern discotheque (at 82, she still rules her worldwide nightclub empire with a rod of iron) - with her version of I Will Survive...

A survivor, indeed! Just last year, she appeared on stage in the Broadway revival of Sondheim's Follies - which is something I would love to have seen...

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  1. I just found you (via another link and now I can't remember .. Redundant Variety, maybe?) -- and I LOVE THIS! Regine? Singing? I'm in disco heaven, for real! (And I'm supposed to be asleep!) Thanks for this!

    1. Welcome to my world, Kathy! So glad you love this - Régine is one of our favourite "survivors" (we have several CDs of her singing), and I think the world needs more of her! I hope the "Follies" production gets a DVD release... Jx

  2. Fascinating - I remember hearing about this lady years ago, then again on your blog a while back, but I never knew she sang! Just fabulous...

    1. She is wonderful! I featured a few of her other song and dance numbers in my previous blog, too - check out the link... Jx


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