Saturday, 24 February 2018

A pause in proceedings

The UK is (or at least the media is) "bracing itself" for another cold snap this week. I am still in recovery mode after my first week back in the office, but have nonetheless been busy pottering around Dolores Delargo Towers #4, dismantling shelves, re-framing pictures and sorting drawers - all this despite suffering with a painful and swollen foot all week. Dammit.

Never mind, eh? Let's soothe our jangling nerves with another sojourn to exotic places in the company of glamorous people, and some easy listening music - courtesy of the eternal geniuses over at Soft Tempo Lounge, of course:

That's better.

Thank heavens we have booked another trip to Spain in May [to celebrate our twentieth anniversary that month]. Something to look forward to...

[Music: Se nao fosse o se by Mario Albanese]


  1. Soft Tempo makes everything better dear doesn't it? and worry's take time to set up house just right.

    In other news I saw dear Emma Chambers passed away. I adored her on Vicar of Dibley.

    1. It's all going on, isn't it? Yes, I read that she'd died - I never watched The Vicar of Dibley, but I know who she was and how young she appeared - very sad.

      Anyway, hobbling though I am, this place is coming together, bit by bit... Jx

  2. What have you done to your foot? Kicked too many arses once you were back at work?

    It may be cold, but the clear blue skies are wonderful!

    1. I only wish it were an arse-kicking injury. I had a problem with a sore on my toe even before we went to Spain, but it was only this week that my foot swelled up (not even in the same place as the sore). I changed shoes, which may have been a contributory factor...

      And yes - cold it may be, but the beautiful blue skies and the emergence of our lovely yellow crocuses make one forget the chill and think of Spring; it's just around the corner!



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