Wednesday, 16 May 2018

¡Es hora de fiesta!

And so, dear reader - with Eurovision well and truly over, in the middle of my last week in the office for a fortnight - another countdown begins...

This weekend Madam Arcati and I will be jetting off (at stupid o'clock, but that's another matter) once again to the sunshine and delights of Benalmadena!

It has been a long struggle this Spring - moving house and garden in January was such a stressful situation that even our regular week in Spain in February (during which the weather was not exactly tropical) could not quite take the edge off it. Then came the coldest, darkest March on record (during which we sincerely thought we'd lost most of the plants we'd moved, after all that; but thankfully the losses were minimal), and teething problems with the telly connection and the heating, and budgeting for the higher rent, and getting this place into some semblance of decorative order (building wardrobes and shelves, hanging pictures, planting up pots), and the continued looming threat of redundancy in work, and, and, and...


We also need some utterly exagerado entertainment to remind us why we love Spain so! How about the pairing of an ageing burlesque stripper and a delightfully camp mariquita, having the party to beat all parties?!

That'll do nicely:

Inevitably, I have featured both "Señoritas" here before.


  1. My laptop is not playing ball with YouTubes this morning - I clicked and the whole thing vanished leaving me with a mauve space. Ah well. It's me, not you. Maybe I need a holiday??

  2. Replies
    1. I can picture you dancing along :-)


  3. Like the upcoming royal nuptials.... I'm still awaiting my invite to Spain. I don't eat much or take up much least in bed.....or when out of a dress.

    1. As if you need an invitation anywhere! Like Paris Hilton. Jx

  4. Ole' Rosita Amores.

    Viva la fiesta, viva la noche Viva los DJ's

    La gente esta muy loca,
    What the .....

    Lets all go to Spain


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