Monday, 14 May 2018

You're so thrilling, and I'm so willing

Oh lordy. Monday again.

After a rollicking weekend, it is time to grit one's teeth, paint on that false plastic smile, and spend another week in that soulless place called "the office".

At least it is only five more days - then we're off to Spain again. Yay!

While we were otherwise distracted by all things Eurovision, passing unnoticed was the fact that it also happened to be the 90th birthday on Saturday of the prestigious talent that is Mr Burt Bacharach! So, by way of a belated celebration, on this Tacky Music Monday let's hand it over to the faboo Tom Jones (and his ever-ready performing trousers) to give us a rendition of one of Mr B's catchiest numbers...

Have a good week, dear reader!

Burt Freeman Bacharach (born 12th May 1928)


  1. Have a Happy Monday.... at least you have Spain to look forward to!

    1. We are counting down the hours... Jx

  2. Oh Tom Jones,Tom Jones. Proper singing that is.
    Not bad for 90, can't believe it !

    1. No, boyo - Sir TomJones-TomJones isn't 90, Burt Bacharach is! Jx

  3. Oooops silly me

    Love the TFL sign though, if only we could get every one to follow it.


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