Thursday, 9 July 2009

Adored and explored

Happy birthday Marc Almond - our dearly beloved Marc, another great diva who has a massive influence on me...

Read my blog in celebration of his 50th birthday.

Marc has always, and continues to be, a most welcome part of my life - his performance at Wiltons' Music Hall in April 2008 was magnificent, as was his guest starring role at The Tease Show in May this year.

Despite continuing problems arising from his near-fatal motorbike crash, 2009 is turning out to be another busy year for him. As well as taking part in a special celebration concert called Carousel, featuring the songs of Jacques Brel, at the Barbican this October [reminder to self - must buy tickets], Marc has announced the forthcoming release of a new CD Orpheus in Exile on 7th September. The album, a collaboration with Russian producer and musical arranger Alexei Fedorov, is a tribute to the music of Vadim Kozin, gay folk singer and composer who was sent to the gulags by Stalin.

This is not, of course the first venture into the world of traditional Russian music for Marc, as this breathtaking performance of a song from his 2003 album Heart on Snow shows:

Here, however, is a favourite of mine among Marc's in a very different style of music - the chanson - and what more appropriate way to celebrate his birthday...

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