Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tenuous link #97 in a series...

Scanning this week's celebrity birthdays (as is my wont), I had a double-take when I read that Jonathan Edwards was 63. I thought for a moment that the lovely athlete with the endless legs was truly more youthful looking than I thought. Then, disappointingly I found that the entry referred to some godawful Cuntry'n'Western [sic] singer.

However that got me thinking about the "Jonathan Edwards" who is far more dear to my heart, he of "Jonathan and Darlene Edwards" fame. In real life the alter egos of the multi-talented orchestra leader Paul Weston and the lovely singer Jo Stafford, their highly innovative comedy act began as a party entertainment for friends but soon developed a successful career all of its own - even overshadowing the pair's original careers for a while!

So what better excuse for me to post a couple of their "fab" numbers...

...and there's more such delights on Jonathan & Darlene's MySpace page!

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