Monday, 13 July 2009

Hustle with my Muscle

As it is Monday, there's a habit of mine I just can't change... Today's tacky music frenzy is rather tinged with sleaze however, as the world needs a reminder of the dramatic presence that was... John Sex!!

In his/her book On Edge, C.Carr describes the impact of this fabulous individual:
"The pompadour deserves a place on the history of great ideas. No one realised this until John Sex sharpened his hair, exaggerating the outlandish essence of a sex god. It crests a foot above his forehead like a wave about to crash...

"This was Las Vegas from another planet, Sex working through songs of either awesome schmaltz or vulgarity - from the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme to the X-rated Hustle with my Muscle. He dropped the electric Liberace coat, asked us to applaud it, and danced loose as a go-go boy in front of his three-woman back-up group, The Bodacious Ta-Tas.

"This teen dream is a freak, delighting in his sexiness and everyone else's: "I've got it and it's alright. She's got it and it's alright. Sex appeal!
John Sex (born John McLaughlin, 8th April 1956 – 24th October 1990)

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