Monday, 6 July 2009

Les Miserables meets A Chorus Line with Macaroons

We watched the DVD of the fabulous Acorn Antiques - The Musical last night. We've had this for years now, ever since we went to see the sell-out show back in 2005, but never got round to watching it...

It was a great reminder of just what a genius writer Victoria Wood is, as she skilfully weaves the familiar absurdities of her most-loved regular sketch about the bizarre "Manchesterford" shop with pastiches and parodies of other musical shows and genres.

It also proves once more what absolutely brilliant actors Julie Walters and Cela Imrie really are (skilfully supported by Duncan Preston, Josie Lawrence, Neil Morrissey and the sublimely talented singer Sally Ann Triplett) - and indeed Miss Imrie won a well-deserved Tony award for her role.

Any excuse, really, to post this:

Acorn Antiques - The Musical! on Wikipedia

Acorn Antiques - The Musical! DVD available from Dress Circle

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