Monday, 27 August 2012

And you should never doubt it

It's a Bank Holiday - the last before Xmas - and it's also a Tacky Music Monday!

The Notting Hill Carnival is no doubt going to be in full swing today, regardless of the weather, and just to get us into that spirit of dancing and colour, here's a double-bill of the one-and-only Carmen Miranda (with Rebola Rebola and When I Love, I Love) to help get things moving:

I expect you all will be wearing fruit on your heads before the day is out...


  1. any excuse to play a Carmen Miranda video
    - love it.

    1. As if we need an excuse! Jx

    2. Oh, when I love, I love,
      There's no two ways about it;
      Yes, when I love, I love,
      I cannot live without it.
      Oh, when I fall, I fall,
      And you should never doubt it.
      If my lips say no to you,
      They're only telling lies.
      Look at me and you will see
      A Si, si in my eyes.

      Bum-tee-dum-pum pum-pum-pum,
      Bum-tee-dum-pum pum-pum-pum;
      That's how my heart goes when I am kissed.
      I'm so excited;
      Bum-tee-dum-pum pum-pum-pum,
      Bum-tee-dum-pum pum-pum-pum;
      You have oomph and oomph I can't resist.



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