Monday, 13 August 2012

East of East Ham

I'm still off, making the most of my birthday weekend. I am, however. more than well aware that this is indeed a Tacky Music Monday - so this week, to cheer up everyone who is heading back to work and the come-down after the spectacular closure of the Olympics, let's head a bit further East than Stratford!

Here's the lovely Sharmila Tagore (notably the first Indian actress to appear on screen in a bikini, in this very film An Evening in Paris from 1967) - and one of our fave Bollywood-meets-go-go numbers Le Ja Mera Dil, also known as "Leeja Leeja":

This sort of thing always happens when I go to Brick Lane for a curry...

Janmashtami, the Hindu celebration of the birth of Krishna, was the same day as my birthday on Friday. I wondered why there were so many blue people - I thought they were Smurfs!


  1. Happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend x

    1. Thanks, darling - it has been fab, and we're off to see "Dexter Clark, Celebrity Hairdresser" at the RVT tonight to round matters off... Jx

  2. A rather bizarre pyjama party !
    How fab but now I have a craving that will only be satiated by sending out for a quick fix of ;

    some poppadoms to start with then,
    #4. Rogan Josh
    #1. Butter Chicken
    #7. Jinga Bhuna
    and an
    Aloo gobi
    with a massive naan

    I love Indian Culture



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