Saturday, 25 August 2012

Let 'em feel it

"God! Give it to 'em. Let 'em feel it, taste it, smell it! It gives a little life to our play." Jeff Stryker

How very remiss of me...

I neglected to note that it was the 50th birthday on Tuesday (21st August) of the star of many an "art movie" that I, and generations of gay men, have enjoyed (again and again) over the years - the impressively (ahem!) talented Mr Charles Casper Peyton, better known to us afficonados of filth as Jeff Stryker!

Apart from his classics such as Powertool, Bigger Than Life, Busted, Santa’s Cummin’! and his "self-help" video How to Enlarge Your Penis, according to Wikipedia "he also tried his hand at acting, starring in a 1989 Italian-produced horror movie called After Death (Revenge of the Zombies), in which he was credited as Chuck Peyton and was seen in the short film Can I Be Your Bratwurst Please?

While I pop off to find a copy of that marvellously-titled, and obviously must-see movie, let us purse our lips and blow with Jeff - here shamefully keeping most of his clothes on - in this fab montage video, accompanied by the equally wonderful Presets This Boy's In Love...

Happy (belated) birthday to a rock-solid icon!

Jeff Stryker official website


  1. I actually saw him in some theatrical effort, I'm sure he thought it was a play, after which he he thrust himself into the audience as a sort of curtain call. In a greasy, horrifying way, it was sort of hilarious.

    1. I saw him in all his oiled-up permatanned glory flogging his movies (on VHS) at something called the "Gay Lifestyles" exhibition at London Olympia back in the 90s. The memory reminds me of that wonderful quote by Clive James, who once described Arnold Schwarzenegger as "a brown condom filled with walnuts"... Jx

  2. Why, "Santa's Cummin" sounds like a must see during the holiday seasons ;)

    1. Jingle your bells and empty your sack, dear! Jx


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