Thursday, 5 July 2018

Come to my sweet melody

As the countdown to Saturday's Gay Pride gets closer, so we wish another of our Patron Saints and friend-of-the-gays a very Happy Birthday - her 45th, indeed!

Miss Róisín Murphy (for it is she) has long been a house favourite - not least for her kooky costume extravaganzas [GaGa stole most of her looks] and her "fuck 'em all" attitude.

However, it all really took off for her when a certain German remix genius Boris Dlugosch stumbled across her band Moloko, and decided to transform one of their songs into a mega-ground-breaking club anthem way back in 1999...

"Quack, Quack."

J'adore Róisín Marie Murphy (born 5th July 1973).


  1. What a track, and what a frock! I always wanted one like that when we went out clubbing, but I didn't (and still don't) have the legs for it. The nearest I got was last year's frock for Ms Scarlet...

    1. Who needs perfect knees when one can merely pop over to Wickes, purchase some mirrored terrazzo and stitch it to an old cotton slip..? In the immortal words of Fascinating Aida, "Sew on a sequin; you'll never feel depressed!"


  2. Replies
    1. It brings back so many happy memories of our clubbing days... Jx


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