Monday, 16 July 2018

Toot Toot

Monday, Monday - how I hate you; interrupting my sunny reveries with that soul-destroying thing called work...

Hey, ho. I have discovered that today would have been [she died in January this year; I can only assume I missed the sad news in the tumult of moving home] the birthday of that "Big Soul Mama", Miss Denise LaSalle!

In her long and lauded career - she gained the crown of "Queen of the Blues" when Koko Taylor died - Miss LaSalle won numerous reputable awards and accolades for her performances, and for the songs she wrote and produced for others.

Yet here in the UK, in the middle of the 1980s, she scored her one and only hit - with this, highly appropriate for a Tacky Music Monday, choon...

Referring to the cartoon at the top of this post - once it's in your head, it takes some shaking to get it out again!

I know I'll be humming this all day.

Have a good week, peeps!


  1. Fuck fuck. It's Monday again. You and I sure hate them equally don't we? It's not the weekend ending I mind, but the five days after it.

    1. As Miss LaSalle so coyly stated it (and she might well have been singing about Mondays):

      "So you can look as much
      But if you much as touch
      Youre gonna have yourself a case
      I'm gonna break your face!"



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