Saturday, 21 July 2018

Comment ne pas être misérable

Monarda (Bergamot) with Salvia "Amistad" in the extensive gardens here at Dolores Delargo Towers.

According to the BBC:
This summer is set to be one of the hottest - and driest - on record. With no substantial rain since May and temperatures tipping past 30C (86F), a hosepipe ban looms as the heatwave continues to stretch ahead of us in an untypically British manner.
...and we love it!

Despite the daily need to water our pots, everything in the garden is looking (and smelling) lovely. Tony's sister and niece stayed last night, in the midst of a fleeting visit to London, and we have had a lovely time in their company. I've only just come in from the garden now the air has finally cooled a little, and I'm ready for something lush and lovely to accompany the continuing summer.

So let's welcome to the party a new gal on the block with an intriguing nick-name, to boot - Koxie!

I'm suitably soothed...


  1. Lovely tune!!!

    We are use to a hot summer, but we have had the rain to accompany out hot weather, although today I stayed dressed and at the Casa since it was cooler and cloudy. We are expecting rain till Wednesday. Nice to have a break till later tonight.

    1. We're expecting more of the same tomorrow, and all next week, with no sign of a change on the horizon. Yippee, I say! I love the sunshine. Jx

  2. And down here...several layers til mid-morning.
    Nice little solo tango. TVM

    1. Your winter temperatures are likely what we would normally consider "summer", of that I have no doubt...

      I've been tango-ing around the garden all day! Jx


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