Friday, 27 July 2018

Roll it yourself!

Darlings! It's my last day in the office for a fortnight, and our countdown to our little gang's annual pilgrimage to the delights of Amsterdam next week has begun.

For your delectation, to kick things off, here is one of the most unintentionally hilarious "Space Disco" videos to emerge from the Netherlands during the roller-skating boom. Breathtaking in its artistic beauty, peerless in its mastery of camerawork and choreography, it highlights the - ahem - talents of the group Bisquit perfectly...

As one wag out there in the blogosphere notably commented: "It makes me very sad to think that there are people who will go through life without seeing this video. Fate is a cruel mistress."

Bedankt Disco, het is vrijdag!


  1. What in the Christ Hells was that?!? Now I've got to spend precious moments deleting it from my YouTube history.

    But never mind me. Happy Holidays!

    1. It was actually a very welcome gift from the now sadly defunct Redundant Variety Hour - curated by the "mother of all Bloggers", Thombeau! I wonder where he is these days? Jx

      PS We love it!!

  2. I do hope you have a lovely time Amsterdam. One of my fave cities.
    (I was going to say something about some of us doing better with strap-ons, but I think some of the people who come here might not know I mean skates...)

    1. It's one of ours, too - this forthcoming trip is near enough my 40th visit! And, cannily, we booked our hotel when we checked out last year (forward planning, or what?) to make sure we were able to get there for their magnificent Gay Pride weekend again! Can't wait. Jx

      PS Strap-ons? A bit difficult to co-ordinate, but once you get used to them... Oo-er.


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