Friday, 6 July 2018

There's nothing else to compare

It's Pride Eve, Gay Xmas Eve, dear reader - and we're all very excited indeed! Our outfits are as complete as they're going to be, we've worked out a plan of sorts of how to get our stupid wristbands and get back out to watch some of the parade without being "corralled" into a space at the back designated for "individuals", and we're booking a taxi to get to Our Sal's pub early enough to be able to dress and get our traditional "breakfast" sorted before the shenanigans start...

Ahead of the Big Day, I have to go to the office (but only for half a day), where I will sit counting down the hours no doubt. Meanwhile, to get our celebrations underway...

...something old (from Miss Ellis-Bextor, who will be gracing the main stage in Trafalgar Square at the end of the parade):

...something new (the brilliantly odd new video from from sex god Jake Shears):

...something borrowed (the camp-as-Christmas Boystown Gang, who famously made an old Andy Williams number into a poppers-driven gay anthem):

...and finally, something Golden (from the Patron Saint of Gaydom herself, Our Princess Kylie)!

Thank Disco it's Gay Pride Friday!


  1. All the preparation was well worth it. One of, if not the best Pride ever xxx

    1. We're still coming down to earth from the splendour of it all, methinks! Jx


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