Sunday, 29 July 2018

I love it so much

Just four-and-a-bit days to go before we jet off again [on Thursday] for our jaunt with Baby Steve and Alex to the joys of the 'Dam!

The weather today has been utterly horrid - high winds and endless dampness, leaving our huge Dahlia and our six-foot Salvias somewhat battered in the process, and causing our Ficus benjamina [houseplants - outside for their summer airing] to crash to the ground - but prospects are getting better as the week goes on, so we keep our fingers crossed it will be at least temperate when we are there for Amsterdam Gay Pride!

To help us build up the party atmosphere in our continuing countdown to the big weekend, here's our eternal fave, the uber-camp Gerard Joling, barmaid extraordinaire...


["Ik hou d'r zo van" = "I love it so much" in English.]


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