Thursday 20 October 2011

I may not be the innocent girl

It's the "other" sister's turn!

Happy 40th birthday today to gay rights supporter, mother, talent show hostess and M&S fan, Miss Danielle Jane "Dannii" Minogue...

This is my fave song of hers:

Dannii's official website


  1. Oh dear - another diva who was 20 it seems only a few years ago.

    Happy birthday to Dannii - she has of course never reached the same heights as her sister, but she has still released some good tracks (her "Girl" album was fabulous, and I quite liked "Neon Nights" as well).

  2. Little Dannii Minogue is 40 … I like Dannii, my favourite is probably Put the Needle On It or I Begin To Wonder

  3. I♥ her too! Can't believe how old EVERYONE is getting.

  4. She has indeed had the misfortune of never being taken quite seriously as an artiste thanks to the glittering career of Kylie, but I do love a lot of her stuff! Jx

    [PS 40 is not old...]


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