Wednesday 19 October 2011

Das Musik

Time for another of my semi-regular forays into some of the newer music that I have picked up on lately...

Let's open proceedings with dear, eccentric, Kate Bush with her new single Wild Man from her forthcoming album 50 Words for Snow. Very strange indeed...

We always have time for a bit of "Gay Pirate Action" here at Dolores Delargo Towers, and this fits the bill just nicely. It's Aussie gaysters Garçon Garçon with their boppy little single Stay In Touch:

Our icon Miss Amanda Lear is back again, with another new album I Don't Like Disco, and from it this single La Bete et la Belle. Now that's what I call style...

Also making a welcome return - thanks to Gaydar Radio, of all places - is Mr George Michael! As far as I was aware, the last time I heard about Georgie he was on tour with a full orchestra and splitting up with his boyfriend. When did he find the time to become a full-on club hitster? Here is DJ Marc Vedo's superb remix of Every Other Lover In The World (a favourite of Boy George, apparently; he plays it at all his DJ sets):

To finish on a jolly note, it's the wonderfully weird Mr Martin Solveig, teamed once more with the mad Canadians Dragonette plus Tokyo's finest 100-strong girly group Idoling!!! [sic] Here's his fabulous new single Big In Japan...

Happy listening!


  1. I'm totally loving Wild Man - downloaded it last week and I've played it at least 21 times since then … but now I'm going to listen to the George Michael track ...

  2. Our Kate at her most ethereal I reckon... Jx

  3. the George song is good but too clubby for me, I tend to listen to quieter music at home ...

  4. I always guessed you were a bit of an Audrey Fforbes-Hamilton... Jx

  5. Kate Bush, 'Very strange indeed' but when was she not.

    At the time she was always Very strange indeed but with time her music became classics with artistry and a universality rarely achieved in pop music.
    one hopes in time this might be the case with her new single 'Wild Man'

    Sorry but I thought the Aussie gaysters a little dull

    But WOW thank you for the Amanda Lear - She can do no wrong in my book.

    loved the George Michael remix but can any one tell me what happened to my 80s heartthrob Andrew Ridgeley.

    As always you kept a little jolly for the end of the set and it was jolly but I think I will wait for the remix before I listen to it again.

    fab blog


  6. Andrew Ridgeley?

    This, unfortunately...



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