Monday 10 October 2011

Everyone thinks I’m Madonna - it’s becoming quite a strain

I would normally wait for my regular round-up of newer music, maybe, to share something wonderful that the lovely Henry at Barbarella's Galaxy has flagged up, but some things are just too good to wait!

Welcome to the weird world of Hi Fashion - aka Jen DM and Rick Gradone, Los Angeles-based electro-dance-pop duo - and their magnificently camp-as-tits I'm Not Madonna...

Crazy, crazy people!

The World of Hi Fashion website


  1. I know EXACTLY what they are talking about. I am hiding under a table as I write this, surrounded by paparazzi. Just another Monday for me...

  2. They keep calling me, asking why Lourdes is not in school... I know how you feel! :-) Jx

  3. Their next single is called Radio Gaga


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