Wednesday 26 October 2011


What can I say about last night's Erasure concert?

Adjectives such as great, extraordinary, amazing, astonishing, astounding, awe-inspiring, awesome, brilliant, dynamite, excellent, fabulous, fantastic, incredible, magnificent, marvellous, outstanding, phenomenal, remarkable, sensational, terrific, and tremendous [thank you,] all come to mind!

I was curious how our "national treasures" would perform, being no spring chickens these days. After all, the last time I saw them was in 1997 at the final free Pride festival at Clapham Common, and fourteen years is a long time... I need not have worried.

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke are consummate professionals. Vince's musicianship is legendary. Give Andy an audience, and he transforms into the ultimate "showgirl". Together, their chemistry works wonders!

They threw everything into it, and we had a superb evening's entertainment as a result!

[Suffice to say, their support act the lovely Frankmusik - good though he was - hardly made a lasting impression.]

All the classics (and more) were here - Victim of Love, Ship of Fools, Blue Savannah, Drama!, Stop!, Chains of Love, Oh L'amour, their new single When I Start To (Break It All Down), Love to Hate You, Who Needs Love Like That, Breath of Life, Always, and of course the ultimate gay anthems A Little Respect and Sometimes. My voice is hoarse from singing along, and my bones are aching from dancing!

An unforgettable experience...


  1. Glad you had a great time. Wonderful post, I love the pics (the set looks very cool).

    I have all their live DVDs and if anything, their later ones are even better then the early ones. I would love to seem them live in person one day!

    Poor Frankmusic - his label has just dropped him. I quite like him, hope he will be able to bounce back.

  2. Fantastic coverage! -voice hoarse and bones aching...always the sign of a night to remember! xoxoMM

  3. Thanks boys! You both would have loved it...

    As for Frankmusik - he wasn't that bad, it's just he was instantly forgotten once Erasure came on. And he did produce their new album, so I feel his career may not be over just yet!


  4. Looks fabulous. Still stinging from the fact I missed them. Bring on the live DVD/CD. Out mid November I believe.

  5. The CD is due out on 7th November. No mention on their website of the DVD yet... Jx


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