Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Look for my limousine, once more it's not there

With all the hoo-ha in the press today about that pair of lucky bastards who won the £101million EuroMillions jackpot last week, I feel it is appropriate to feature once again a song that sums up my feelings on the matter...

I love the Puppini Sisters!

The Puppinis' new album Hollywood goes on sale on 7th November 2011 - pre-order your copy now


  1. They are fab - I have their first album and I need to get the rest!

  2. I met them a few years back, and they are fabulous ladies!

    I have both Betcha Bottom Dollar and The Rise & Fall Of Ruby Woo albums (I didn't go for their Christmas one, of course), and as you will see from the stop press I think I will be ordering their new one very soon!


  3. Oooh - a new one! Excellent - thanks for the heads up!

    I only have the first one (I need the other ones, although judging from the samples from the christmas album it seems to be a bit of a letdown - for me at least, since you are well aware of my obsession with christmas records...)


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