Sunday 9 October 2011

Gordon's Alive!

Happy 75th birthday today to the noisiest of national treasures BRIAN BLESSED! [I believe you do have to write his name in capitals, with an exclamation mark...]

Mr B's acting credits are remarkable, appearing as he has in everything from The Avengers to Z-Cars, including such favourites as Blackadder, I Claudius and Dr Who, and myriad Shakespearean productions on stage and on screen.

We saw him on stage with Roy Hudd in the ill-fated musical Hard Times back in 2000, and true to form he certainly didn't need a microphone.

With Mr Blessed's contribution, that boon to all drivers who can't read maps the SatNav will never be the same:

And here's his catchphrase, remixed...

Facts about BRIAN BLESSED!
  • He is an avid mountain climber, and attempted to climb Mount Everest on three separate occasions, but never reached the summit. During his attempt in 1991, the then 55-year-old climbed higher than any other man of his age before having to turn back to save another climber's life at 29,000 ft.
  • During his National Service, remarkably, he was a parachutist in the Royal Air Force.
  • He has an honorary position as official Shoutsperson of the University of York's Douglas Adams Society, and in 2011 the University's student body voted to name a new study space as the 'Brian Blessed Centre for Quiet Study'.

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