Friday 14 October 2011

As long as it's groovy

At last, the weekend is almost upon us. Tomorrow we celebrate the civil partnership of our friends Russ and Joe, which promises to be a fancy do (taking place as it is in Sir Paul McCartney's favoured marriage venue, the old Marylebone Town Hall), and on Sunday it's a classical piano recital in St James'.

But before we get too posh, let's wiggle our tushes a bit to the sound of the O'Jays! So, which pair of funky dancers is your favourite in this particular contest? Thank Disco It's Friday!

As always - enjoy!!!


  1. So pleased it's Friday.

    Looking forward to the weekend and the wedding/civil partnership … I was on the steps of the old Town Hall for 6 and half hours last Sunday to see Paul & Nancy (and Ringo) it will be nice to actually get inside the venue this week.

    See you tomorrow xx

  2. I wouldn't have waited six hours for anyone's wedding...

    We're in the Blue Room tomorrow - not sure where the McCartneys were.

    See you tomorrow!


  3. they were in the purple room it seems :)


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