Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Greetings, pop-pickers

It's been ages since I've compiled a selection of some of the newer music that I've discovered, so let's have a go...

Played on BBC Radio 2 - apparently for the first time - by Dave Pearce on his Dance Years show on Saturday (I was listening!) was Pet Shop Boys' newest single from their forthcoming "return to dance-pop" album Electric. Here's the fabulous Vocal:

And, just because I haven't mentioned it before, the Boys' most recent release Axis - and its video - is wonderful, too:

Speaking of music that I have completely omitted to mention before, how about the mega-over-hyped comeback of Daft Punk? Their world-beating Get Lucky featuring Pharrell Williams just spent four weeks at the top of our charts. It also (surprisingly) happens to be collaborator Nile Rogers' first Number 1 in the UK - so let's feature the (inevitable) mash-up with another of his classics, Good Times by Chic:

Back to the new...

Hailing from Rennes in Brittany, here's Juveniles with their rather good new single (somewhat reminiscent of OMD, methinks), Strangers - and a most bizarre video indeed:

Appropriately described as "shimmering flecked electro house", here's an excellent collaboration between music maestro Kris Menace and a vocalist calling himself Black Hills - Waiting For You:

A jaunty, funky little number, Only You Can Show Me by Goldroom crosses old-school disco and Ibiza house rhythms to create a likely summer hit, I reckon...

The lovely Little Boots continues her obsession with the darker side of discotheque with her new song Broken Record, and its roller-boogie-inspired video - I love it!

However if we really want kitsch, then... the latest outing for Steps support act Kamaliya [complete with samples from Puccini's Flower Duet, of all things] makes every effort, and succeeds, in producing a (very) Ukrainian impression of a Pepsi commercial - it's I'm Alive:

And finally, with an uplifting sound that harks back to the handover between Hi-NRG and Eurobeat dance music in the 1990s, Canadian popstrel Gali (and her dreadful hair extensions) got my glitterball spinning with her new wannabee anthem - coincidentally, the same title as Kamaliya's - I'm Alive:

As always, enjoy - and let me know what you think!


  1. We are obviously both back in our Tracks/Pops mode. Thank goodness.

    Now, I obviously adore PSB - 'nuff said. I do like the Daft Punk song, especially since I have somehow managed to hear it just every now and then so it still sounds rather fresh to me.

    The next three are not really my thing, but the Little Boots one might grab me after a couple of more listens. And after the yummy tackiness that was "Butterflies", I obviously like Kamaliya - although the video does in fact look like an Eastern Europe Pepsi commercial.

    But the last one. Oh my. I have found a new "diva" in Gali, who has more pop goodness galore then Madonna. More glamour then Diana. More style then Kylie. And better hair then Cher!

    Fabulous. I have missed these posts!

    1. I'll have the "I ♥ Gali" t-shirts printed now, shall I?!


  2. Please do - I'll take mine in M/L. Perhaps we can wear it in the flashmob tribute I'm preparing in her honor?

    1. I haven't smelt such excitement since the heady days of Gina G... Jx

  3. I'm currently listening to Little Boots, Alison Moyet, Daft Punk & The Great Gatsby soundtrack :) x

    1. I need to hear more of Miss Moyet's newer stuff - only heard the one track (courtesy of Henry) so far. Can't wait...

      But, the Great Gatsby OST? Jay-Z, Beyonce, will.i.am, Fergie, Jack White and Sia? To misquote The Mirror Crack'd: "I could puke a better soundtrack". It has completely turned me off seeing the movie. Jx

    2. Another, excellent Alison track is included in my latest (Part 2) post of tracks. I think I'm gonna have to buy the album...

      As for the Great Gatsby - I agree, the soundtrack sounds dreadful (except for Lana and Bryan) and as a result I don't really want to see the movie...

    3. I am going to get around to listening to part 2 of your "Tracks" collection... soon. Jx

      PS Nothing that Jay-Z does will ever be something I want to listen to.

  4. I like Jay-Z, also Lana Del Rey, Bryan Ferry, Florence and Emeli Sande doing 1920's inspired cover of Crazy in Love

    1. Apart from Mr Ferry, there really is nothing to excite me. Especially not Mr and Mrs Carter. Jx


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