Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lieder für heute

Another selection of some newer musical delights is in order today, methinks...

First up, those marvellous pioneers of 80s electronic music OMD (Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark) are back with a new album (English Electric) and a fab single Dresden:

Regular faves here at Dolores Delargo Towers, those mad Melbourne-ites Parralox have a new single out, (featuring the rather cute Ryan Adamés), which has rather an early "house" feel about it - it's Silent Morning:

Helen Marnie, lead vocalist and mainstay of the uber-cool Ladytron, started a solo career in 2012. Here, from her debut album Crystal World, is the single The Hunter. I like it - it reminds me a little of Tears for Fears...

I am not usually known to be strangely drawn to "urban" shouty music, but once again the mere presence of the unbowed queen of dance music Luciana, in the estimable company of the horny gay bad boy Cazwell, makes this song irresistable - it's Guess What?:

Speaking of fierce dance divas, here's the glamazon Bex and the "Cutmore Extended Remix" of her new song What You Are. She loves only gold...

From the dance music of today, let's go right back to the heady days of Studio 54 in the company of the utterly fabulous Le Grind and their drag-tastic new single I Was There (Where Were You?) It's simply divine, daaahlings!

And finally, continuing our countdown to Gay Pride on Saturday - who else could we choose to conclude this short, sharp collection but but the "Gay Pimp" himself Mr Jonny McGovern, with his anthem for Florida's "Gayest Weekend of All Time" (which took place this Spring), The Gayest Of All Time?

Enjoy, sweeties - and let me know your thoughts!


  1. Oh my - that is an interesting selection!

    I obviously love the OMD single, as you know. Cazwell always does some interesting stuff, although I can not say the same about poor Jonny McCovern. The Bex song gets a bit tiresome in an extended version but the single version is OK, if not a bit too "typical".

    I absolutely adore the Parralox number and the one by Le Grind is pretty damn good too!

    But: HOW did I not know that Miss Marnie was releasing a solo album??? Not to mention since she even recorded it over here late last year, with an Icelandic producer. Well, a quick check explains it: it was only "released" this month on some bloody digital platforms! Hopefully it will be released on CD as well, although I doubt it since she is releasing the album herself. Either way, a wonderful song and thank you for the heads up! I look forward to the new Ladytron album later this year.

    A great post, as always :)

    1. Glad you liked the selection, sweetie!

      Mr McGovern's song is no classic, admittedly, but he is still The Gay Pimp, and we love him for it...

      I was thrilled to find Marnie, Le Grind and the new Lucia'n'Cazwell - classics in the making, all. Maybe things are looking up, music-wise, at last?



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