Thursday, 6 June 2013

I have heard the mermaids singing

And so we say farewell to another vestige of the Golden Age of Hollywood, with the sad news of the death of the magnificent Esther Williams, at the grand old age of 91.

To remind us of just why she is so revered by generations of "gentlemen who are light in their loafers", here is a set-piece of extraordinarily over-the-top cinematic campness - another of many favourite camp movie moments to which Miss Williams contributed:

"I always took it for granted that there would be life after Hollywood."

RIP, a genuine screen goddess.

Esther Williams (8th August 1921 – 6th June 2013)


  1. My hat is off to anyone who can smile underwater.

    1. and i bet she could've lit those fireworks
      with her chipchop if LB had asked her to.


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